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Best RIRS Treatment In Panipat

The Kidney Hospital is the best hospital that offers excellent RIRS Treatment in Panipat. It is a minimally invasive surgery conducted to remove stones without incisions on the kidney. Being loaded with cutting-edge resources and RIRS Specialists, we provide the best Kidney Stone Laser Surgery and care to patients and ensure the quick recovery possible.

What Is RIRS Treatment?

RIRS stands for Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery, is a minimally invasive surgery that uses a laser and a viewing tube called a fiberoptic endoscope that goes through the urethra into the kidney. Once the scope is in its place, a urologist can see the stone that further gets crushed using a laser or grabbed by small forceps.

Indications For RIRS Treatment:

  • Failed attempts at treatment.
  • Occurrence of stones in children.
  • Bleeding disorders in the kidneys.
  • Extreme obesity with multiple co-morbidities.
  • Kidney Stone size is larger and cannot be removed with lithotripsy failures.
Benefits Of RIRS Treatments:
  • Ensure quicker extraction of kidney stones.
  • Ensure minimum pain or inconvenience to patients.
  • Minimum blood loss and do not cause damage to the renal tissue.
  • Kidney Stones Treatment By RIRS Surgery is safer than traditional methods.
  • The procedure can be done in a single sitting and speed up the recovery too.
Where To Get Affordable RIRS Treatment In India?

If you want to get cost-effective RIRS Kidney Stone Treatment In Panipat, India, you can reach our well-equipped and modern RIRS Hospital for kidney Stone Removal. Being equipped with advanced technology and resources, we are committed to your good health and go beyond the boundaries to satisfy you with our healthcare service. Book your consultation or call our experts to discuss more.

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